Lasers for Science Facility

Offering complete spectroscopy and imaging solutions to the scientific community Offering complete spectroscopy and imaging solutions to the scientific community

The LSF is located in the Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH) (link opens in a new window). Our aim is to work closely with other RcaH residents, colleagues in other facilities on the Harwell campus, and the academic community, to promote high-impact interdisciplinary research that requires access to the very latest technology and expertise in laser imaging and ultrafast spectroscopy.

The LSF operates the OCTOPUS imaging cluster, a central core of lasers coupled to a set of advanced interconnected microscopy stations that can be used to image samples from single molecules to whole cells and tissues, and the ULTRA cluster, a range of ultrafast light sources giving unprecedented flexibility to combine multiple beams, multiple colours, mixed timing patterns, and pulse length to address scientific problems in the physical and life sciences. We also operate a loan pool providing academics with lasers for use in their own laboratories.

The instrumentation is supported by a team of biological scientists, laser physicists, and data analysis experts to provide a complete solution to scientific problems 'from concept to publication'.

 Recent LSF news: 

  • £1.4 million awarded by Medical Research Council for next generation super-resolution microscopes (March 2013).

  • Welcome to new PhD student Dimitrios Korovesis who will be working jointly with Evotec and King’s College London on tyrosine kinase inhibitors (October 2012).

  • New 2D STORM/PALM superresolution microscopy facility commissioned and available for user applications (September 2012).

  • New single molecule FRET via alternating laser excitation facilities for imaging and solution studies commissioned and available for user applications (September 2012).

  • Front cover mention and commentary for paper published in PNAS entitled “Cell wall constrains lateral diffusion of plant plasma-membrane proteins” (July 2012).

For further information, please contact:

Dr Dave Clarke
Head of Lasers for Science Facility
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 567 035
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