UFL1 Specifications

Ultrafast laser system with SHG

Pharos /Orpheus Laser System
Pharos/Orpheus Laser System

 The Pharos is an extremely flexible and compact ultrafast laser offering tunabiliy in both pulse length and repetition rate. The laser can be used in a many applications ranging from micromachining to biomedical applications. When combined with the Orpheus optical parametric amplifier and second harmonic generation the system is a ideal spectroscopic tool.

Wavelength 1028 nm ±5 nm
Power 12 W
Pulse length  290 fs - 10 ps
Pulse rate Single Pulse - 200 kHz
Polarization Linear, Horizontal
SH 515 nm >30%
TH 343 nm >30%
FH 257 nm >8%
White Light Continuum Included
Repetition Rate 10 kHz
Pulse picker for lower repitition rates
Tuning Range Signal: 630 - 1020 nm

Idler 1040 - 2600 nm
Energy See plot (opens in a new window)
Integrated SH 515 nm

Conversion Efficiency
Electrical 240 V <13 A 50 - 60 Hz
Cooling Chiller supplied
Ancillaries Power meter,
APE Peak Detect


Laser goggles are not supplied with the system.

Host institution safety officers will be required to carry out a risk/hazard assessment of the equipment and its associated hazards before the equipment is installed.

For further information contact:

Dr Ian Clark
Central Laser Facility
STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Harwell Science & Innovation Campus
OX11 0QX
Tel: +44 (0)1235 446 807

Calls for access are advertised on our calls for access page.

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